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Some People…

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

We have the domain name automatically redirected to Actually, Veterans Helping Veterans transmogrified into Vetsburg.

Anyway, someone has been using bogus email addresses with the domain name to send spam and phishing emails. The emails are forged to make it appear they are coming from us.

How pathetic is that?

Pretty pathetic we think.

If you have received one of these emails, please accept our sincere apologies and trust that we will never stoop to such scurrilous tactics.

There is a special place reserved for those who perpetrate these most heinous transgressions.

Celebrating Disposability

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Why do we celebrate disposability? Everything is disposable. Wear it out and throw it away.

Don’t like it? Throw it away.

Wrong size? Throw it away.

Do you live by the motto: “Store Makes More”?

In the words of the most genius Bill Nye (The Science Guy): Where is away?

Trust me when I tell you that the Good Lord doesn’t appreciate disposability. Everything we have, directly or indirectly comes from, or is allowed by, our Creator.

The Creator allows El Diablo to craft, and the handicraft of El Diablo surely includes disposability.

Not to say that you shouldn’t throw anything “away”,  just saying you should spend a few minutes thinking about what “throw it away” means.

Can it be recycled, regifted, reused, or repurposed?

Does it have to be demolished, or can it be deconstructed?

Is there really such a sense of urgency that it has to be completed in two weeks instead of two months?

Does your child have a severe disability because her mother drank contaminated drinking water while pregnant?

If you find yourself thinking you want to learn more, please visit:  Stuff Happens