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What Is This “Payroll Tax” Thing That The Messiah Is Rhetoricating About?

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

One of the things that gets me is that Obama wants to eliminate “any” tax burden from at least 40% of the population.  I am catastrophically disabled and receive Social Security.  I got that benefit by paying an insurance premium for 30 years.  That insurance premium is known as FICA.  Obama calls it “payroll taxes”.  My employers paid into that premium fund right alongside me.  Now Obama wants to completely eliminate Income Tax on at least 40%, he also wants the other 60% (YOU) to pay their insurance premiums.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric.  This is the kind of policy Karl Marx fought his whole life for.  I don’t care if you call it socialist, Marxist, or “Spreading the Wealth Around”, it is what it is.

The Billion Dollar Man

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Obama has raised nearly a billion dollars in campaign contributions.  Unprecedented to be sure; However, where is all this money coming from?

People who have never given to a politician ever are suddenly finding charges to their credit cards of $2,300.00 to the Obama campaign.

The Federal Election Commission has identified “small donors” to Obama’s campaign with names like  “Good Will” who listed his employer as “Loving” and his occupation as “You”.

Another “small donor” listed their name as “Doodad Pro” of Nunda, N.Y., who gave at least $17,130 in small increments.

I’ll bet that half of his money is fraudulant.  And that is an incredibly sad thing.

A Newsmax article states in part: “A Newsmax analysis of the Obama campaign’s campaign finance disclosures found 60,000 donations in unrounded amounts that fundraising experts said clearly suggested were “foreign currency transactions” translated into U.S. dollars.”

Which Obama Supporters Are Guilty? (Ohio Democrats Delivering the State to Obama)

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

*Edited on 28/10/08 to add that at least one Obama supporter is guilty.  The Ohio Director of Child Support Enforcement, Helen Jones-Kelley, a Democrat who has maxed out ($2,300.00) in contributions to Obama, authorized her department to use their computers to dig up dirt on Joe Wurzelbacher.  Story here.*

An article from The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reports that an investigation is underway over illelgal access to government computers looking for information on Joe Wurzelbacher.  They will no doubt drag the investigation out until after the election so it won’t look bad for Obama.

From the article:  “It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.”

It really is hard for me to comprehend why so many people would work so hard to destroy someone.  Joe Wurzelbacher should be held up as an American HERO.  Instead, it’s the Ivy League educated lawyer who they hold up as the hero and Joe is pilloried.

That doesn’t happen in my America.  In my America Joe is the hero and the corrupt politician is the criminal.

Charles Krauthammer Article

Friday, October 24th, 2008

From RCP:

*Edited to add: Please go read the entire article when you have time. Thank you.”

While I’m loathe to pay much attention to pundits, I think this article is great.  This line, buried in the middle, is one that particularly stands out to me:

“McCain’s critics are offended that he raised the issue of William Ayers. What’s astonishing is that Obama was himself not offended by William Ayers.”

In a recent interview Sarah Palin opined that we should be thinking less about the question of why would Obama be attracted to Ayers and his ilk, and thinking more about why Ayers and his ilk are drawn to Obama.

And just one more thing from Krauthammer’s article:

“Who do you want answering that phone at 3 a.m.? A man who’s been cramming on these issues for the last year, who’s never had to make an executive decision affecting so much as a city, let alone the world? A foreign policy novice instinctively inclined to the flabbiest, most vaporous multilateralism (e.g., the Berlin Wall came down because of “a world that stands as one”), and who refers to the most deliberate act of war since Pearl Harbor as “the tragedy of 9/11,” a term more appropriate for a bus accident?”

The USA is an exceptional nation.  I gave her my life.  I pray that McCain will be her new Chief Steward come January.

The Truth Shall Set You Free (Obama/Biden Attack Joe)

Saturday, October 18th, 2008

We now see, with no bias, what Obama and Bidet think about the Average Joe.  They have engaged in a hate campaign directed at Joe The Plumber.  Why?  Because he had the AUDACITY to question the wisdom of the Messiah’s tax plan.  We now see what happens to those who are not in lock-step with the Messiah’s message.  This is just the latest chapter in the voluminous fiasco that is the Messiahs rise in power.  He has been using the same hate and smear tactics since first jumping into politics in 1996.  He received much of his hate training from some of the most prolific haters of the modern era, including:  Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Bernardine Dohrn, William Ayers, Raila Odinga, Michael Pfleger, and on and on…

Here’s a little straight talk my friends:  Barack Obama and Joe Bidet are the worst kind of elitists.  The kind that is only for “the little guy” when that little guy is casting his ballot for them.

I find Obama’s and Bidet’s attacks on Joe Wurzelbacher deplorable and pathetic.

Associated Press Attacks “Joe the Plumber!”

Friday, October 17th, 2008


This Is Good.

Associated Press Attacks “Joe the Plumber!” Objective Journalism? Obama Already Putting Americans Out of Work?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber, the working man from Middle America who had what may turn out to be an unfortunate encounter with Barack Obama, has been outed by the Associated Press which has revealed Joe doesn’t have a plumbing license!

After a minutes long investigation during which at least one person was interviewed, probably over the telephone, the AP is now crowing in its latest pro-Obama expose that Joe had the temerity to respond that he doesn’t need a license.

“Oh Yeah?” Retorted the AP? “Why Not?”

“Because I work for someone else and am not required to have a license,” Joe averred.

But after another 30 seconds of incisive investigative reporting the AP was able to located a county bureaucrat who says Joe may be mistaken and at least his company has to have a license, but also doesn’t.

The future of the two man firm, which gained national fame when Joe told Barack Obama earlier this week that he’d like to purchase it and be his own boss some day, now is in jeopardy.

Joe made the mistake of eliciting an admission from Obama that the Pretender to the Presidency actually would be charging him a much higher tax rate for realizing the American Dream and making a good living for himself.

Barack told Joe, that if Joe becomes successful, he should “share the wealth.”

Hey, Barack has a lot of money and really big mansion. How about sending a few hundred grand my way? I have a couple projects on the back burner due to the economy, and if Barack shared his wealth with me, I could spread it around to a bunch of small contractors in my area.

Unconfirmed reports from the front indicate that Obama’s Personal National Police force, which at the moment is still operating under the guise of Secret Service, are now looking into confiscating Joe’s house, vehicles, kid, neighbors, and goldfish since his view of the world doesn’t put Barack in a good light.

“We’ll prosecute his ass to the fullest extent of the law,” said an unnamed local reporter for an entirely forgettable news outlet. The reporter was reportedly a distant cousin of another alleged journalist who earlier this month created a national stir when he lied by saying he had heard someone yell “Kill Him!” at a McCain-Palin rally.

The alleged threat was supposed to be aimed at Barack, but even though the Secret Service and police were swarming all over the rally and have interviewed huge numbers of people since, the only person who heard the alleged remark is the alleged reporter. HMMMMM. Things that prove again and again that the media is in the tank for Barack Obama.

Anyway, Joe the Plumber says he is studying to take the test for his license, and I’m sure this will all work out once Barack and the media forget about him. Unless the bureaucrats in Joe’s area are looking for their own 15 minutes of fame and get it by busting him and forcing him out of business and onto the unemployment line.

Is there a moral to this story. Well, yes kind of.

It goes like this: If you are at home minding your own business, and you see Barack Obama, a bunch of Democratic campaign workers, and the media heading down your driveway, run inside as fast as you can go.

Shut the door and lock it. Pull the drapes and shades. Don’t answer the phone, don’t answer the door, and by all means don’t talk to them. You never know, you could end up jobless, broke and subjected to a fine for trying to make an honest living.

Obama’s going to “spread the wealth?

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Say it ain’t so Joe!

Family Sues VA Over Soldier’s Suicide

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008


Donald Woodward’s tormented life ended on March 3, 2006.

An Iraqi war Veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, Woodward’s body was found at one of his favorite hiking spots along the Enola Low-Grade Line.

The anguished young man had died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 23.

While Woodward’s pain is over, his family’s continues, and on Monday, his widow, Tiera Woodward, filed a $2 million wrongful death suit against the United States government.

Her attorneys filed the lawsuit Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

Tiera Woodward and the entire Woodward family blame Donald’s death on the Lebanon Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Lebanon, where the young man had turned for help.

Vote From Home? (No Matter How Many “Homes” You Have)

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

There is a group of college students from New York City operating out of a temporary house headquarters in Columbus Ohio. Their goal is to maximize the number of mail-in ballots for the Ohio general elections.


It goes without saying that the candidate that they are slogging for is Barack Hussein Obama.


Browsing the Vote From home website, they list the place to send checks as:

Vote from Home

329 East 82nd St.

New York, NY 10028


That strikes me as very odd. Is a group of New York City fraudsters rigging the Ohio election?


They also indicate that they are working to expand their strategies and tactics to every state in the Union.


So. This is how future elections will go down. An army of college students will be armed and trained from the headquarters in New York City. They will be deployed to targeted areas throughout the country with the sole purpose of maximizing the number of votes for the candidates that the New York City Marxist Communist Socialist Elitists have deemed worthy.


One of the tactics will be to force multiply the vote. Instead of “one person, one vote” it will be “one person, as many votes as possible”. The actual organizers (foot soldiers) will file an absentee ballot in their home district and an in person vote in their “temporary” district. They will also vote in any other district they can get away with.


Most of their activities are illegal but they stand a one in a billion chance of getting caught. It is incumbent upon those of us who desire our elections to be honest that due diligence be done to expose these people at the local level and block their attempts at fraud.

The Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

Monday, October 13th, 2008


Judge a person not by the color of their skin, but but by the strength of their character.

Censorship Is Alive and Well In America Today

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

“On September 27, 2008 Martin Rynja’s house in London was firebombed…”

An American author, Sherry Jones, wrote a book.  Good thing, right?  Books, after all, are worth reading.  The problem with Jones’ book is that it is written about Aisha, the child bride of Muhammad.

The Jewel of Medina will be burned all over the world by Muslims who will not tolerate anyone, much less an infidel, to critique The Prophet Muhammad.  It is entirely reasonable to assume that Sherry Jones’ life will be at risk just like Theo van Gogh.

Rules Of Engagement (ROEs)

Saturday, October 11th, 2008

You have probably heard The McCain talk about one of his very first votes in congress.  He voted against President Reagan over US Marines in Beirut. The vote failed 270-161 and The McCain, unfortunately, was proven right.

Not many people are aware of what was going on in Beirut in that time period.  I am aware.  I was there.

From August to December 1982 I was part of a US Navy task force that patrolled the coast off Beirut.  Day after day, week after week we watched the beautiful city of Beirut become decimated by war.

Just like the Marines that were stationed at the Beirut airport, we were operating in a War Zone with peace time Rules Of Engagement. Marines were not allowed to have magazines in their weapons and we were not allowed to point our gun at Syrian aircraft that were constantly threatening us.

As a direct result of those severely restrictive ROEs, a terrorist truck bomber was able to drive his bomb laden truck right into the barracks that the Marines were staying in. 241 Marines were killed in that attack. Think of the recent attack on the Marriott hotel in Islamabad only if the truck had managed to get into the lobby.

Had one of those Syrian aircraft fired a missile at us we would have taken massive casualties. We did not have the advanced anti-missile systems that are in place today. It would have been worse than the USS Stark (FFG 31) attack.

To be fair, I think there is legitimate debate about ROEs that are too loose. I keep in mind during that debate Leon Klinghoffer, Robert Dean Stethem, and 9-11-01 among other factors. We cannot stoop to the level of brutality of our enemies. If we do, we lose. We have to be able to keep claim of the moral high-ground.

Now. Here’s the thing. If Obama is elected president he becomes, by Constitutional default, the Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces. We do not have the leisure to elect an Economy President and a War President. I am here to tell you, unequivocally, that if Barack Hussein Obama is the CinC he will tighten ROEs to the point that we will not be able to respond to attack until after we are dead. Our enemies will be buoyed by these tightened ROEs.

And if I am proven wrong I will eat my hat.



Isn’t there someone who we can ask?

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008


You know….there’s a lot of conspiracy theories out there….about a whole bunch of people and about a whole bunch of different things.  In most cases, the general public recognizes the difference between truth and BS.

It doesn’t take a big leap of intellect to figure out that George Bush didn’t really sabotage the twin towers a few years back.

So look at the nature of these charges.  We have the first black candidate within grasp of the Presidency….and a bunch of white people saying that he is a muslim, born in Kenya who ignores his poverty-stricken brother living on a dollar a month.   He campaigns for a communist dictator and helps in a government coup.    He hides his past.     He accepts money from domestic terrorists.   He gets his house from a gangster...who happens to be in bed with one of Saddam’s Oil-For-Food Billionaires.   He’s on the take from Acorn, Freddy’s Fannie, China, and Iran.   His wife’s salary is based on earmarks....PLUS…last but not least…He sat in a pew, hootin’ and hollarin’ for that raving lunatic preacher.

WHO on God’s green earth would EVER try to run for President of the United States with that much garbage in their record??  WHO??

Ya know….If I was an Obama Fan, I wouldn’t believe you either.

So you see?  Anytime it is brought up….it is blown off as conspiracy theory.  Anyone who rants about it….is a nut.  It’s easy….because the story is so improbable.

I mean…sheesh! James Clavell couldn’t write this!

So…My question is….Is there someone we can ask?  You know…other than each other?  Cuz we don’t seem to know nuthin’.

Lets ask Sarah.  I bet she knows.


Sunday, October 5th, 2008

Presidents Bush and Clinton have teamed up again for Gulf Coast hurricane relief.  The website is:

Here Come The British

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Sir Nigel Sheinwald, Britain’s Ambassador in Washington, was last night thrust into political controversy after the leak to a newspaper of a seven-page candid assessment he delivered on Barack Obama.

It’s An Audacity Thing. You Wouldn’t Understand.

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Alcee Hastings, paragon of judicial prudence, said: “If Sarah Palin isn’t enough of a reason for you to get over whatever your problem is with Barack Obama, then you damn well had better pay attention. Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don’t care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through.”

That’s an OnoDrama supporter.  How is this kind of talk supposed to demonstrate “change” and “hope”?

It’s pathetic.