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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Thursday, November 20th, 2008


Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

[Source: Katherine McIntire Peters article 3 Nov 08 ++]

Nearly six months after a physicist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Philadelphia discovered that a patient being treated for prostate cancer had received lower-than-prescribed radiation doses, inspectors with VA’s National Health Physics Program have found more than 100 similar cases at four facilities. VA officials have declined repeated requests for information about the department’s brachytherapy programs, in which radioactive seeds are implanted into the prostate. In October, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which licenses VA’s radiation programs, announced that the department had suspended treatment at hospitals in Cincinnati ; Jackson , Miss. , and Washington . The Philadelphia program was suspended earlier. VA spokeswoman Laurie Tranter said on 15 OCT that officials would not discuss the program suspensions or any aspect of the investigation until the department issues a press release. VA still had not
issued a release by 3 NOV. “It’s not any particular person” delaying the statement, she said. “It’s the process.” Nonetheless, reports filed with NRC and recently made public shed some light on the investigation.

VA is required by law to notify the commission whenever it discovers radiation dosing errors that vary by 20% or more from the prescribed dose. Reports filed through October show that VA investigators had found 92 cases of improper dosing at the Philadelphia center as of 2 OCT. Nine cases had been identified at the Jackson Medical Center as of 30 OCT; six cases at the Cincinnati Medical Center as of 7 OCT; and three at the Washington Medical Center as of 26 SEP. NRC records are made public within 30 days of filing. The initial discovery of under dosing at Philadelphia stemmed from a brachytherapy procedure that took place 5 MAY. “Seeds of a lower apparent activity than intended were mistakenly ordered and implanted,” according to the initial VA report to NRC on 16 MAY. As the investigation unfolded, the Philadelphia report was updated as new cases of improper dosing were discovered. The most recent update was 2 OCT, when investigators
reported the discovery of an additional 37 patients for whom “medical events” had been identified. That brought the total number of patients receiving incorrect doses at Philadelphia to 92.

According to the report filed with NRC, “35 of the additional medical events involve doses to organs or tissues other than the treatment site.” The other two newly identified patients received doses to the treatment site (the prostate) that were below 80% of what was prescribed. None of the reports filed with NRC is considered “emergency events,” but NRC has hired an independent consultant to assess the effect of the errors on patients’ health. That assessment is ongoing. Viktoria Mitlyng, a spokeswoman with NRC’s regional office in Lisle Illinois said the commission is monitoring VA’s investigation of programs at 13 hospitals that perform brachytherapy, including the four whose programs were suspended. It is possible programs at other hospitals will be suspended, depending on what investigators find there, Mitlyng said. “We don’t have a timeline” for the investigation of all 13 hospitals, she said. “We want to make sure it’s done properly.”

Does reading that leave you with the impression that the VA is providing “World Class Health Care”?

Civil Defense Corps

Friday, November 14th, 2008

He Who Must Not Be Named has made it clear, as has his Chief of Staff, Peter Pettigrew, that there will be a Civil Defense Force and will include conscripted service for all residents 18-25 years old.  Here is a glimpse if what that Civil Defense Force will look like.

Lori Piestewa

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

11-11  We need to remember Lori Piestewa today.  We need to stop.  Think.  We need to remember Robert Dean Stethem today.  We need to stop.  Think.

We need to remember Track Palin and Jimmy McCain.  We need to stop.  Think.

We need to remember the Unknowns.  We need to stop.  Think.

Thanks Lori.  I’ll meet you on God’s Golden Shore.

Is This Same Thing Happening To Your Grade School Student?

Friday, November 7th, 2008

This video shows a grade school teacher, Diantha Harris, bullying a student who said she supported The McCain.


A Glimpse of the Future

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages

Message From A Moderate

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

People who claimed to be solidly behind The McCain are now tripping over themselves to blame The McCain for the defeat.

How pathetic is that?  Pretty pathetic.  Millions of so-called conservatives stayed home, voted for the democrat, or voted third party, and that’s why the democrat was handed the election.  He darn sure didn’t win it.

The McCain said the failure was his.  I strongly disagree.  The failure was the people who wanted to punish The McCain for not being conservative enough.

We’ll never know how many people chose to accept the democrat rather than vote for The McCain, but it is plenty clear to me that it could have, should have, would have, turned out different if those conservatives would have stood up and got behind the GOP ticket.  The same people who spread some of the most vile rumors about The McCain in 2000 were the same people in 2008 that wanted to punish the party for selecting a moderate.

Well, you got your way.  You got what you wanted.  I hope you’ll be happy with the orgy of excess that will start on January 3rd 2009.

The McCain has more integrity in his little finger than you hypocrites have in your entire being.

Obama Aunt Illegal Alien

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

The AP (remarkably) is reporting that Obama’s aunt in Boston has been an illegal alien for at least four years.

She has also illegally contributed money to the Obama campaign.

Story here.

Is Obama, the lawyer, complicit?  We believe he is.  What’s the penalty for that?  Who is going to arrest him?