US Open Round 3

At the end of round 3 Ricky Barnes held onto to a 1 shot lead over Lucas Glover. At one point he was 11 under par but he had a rather up and down rough round and ended with a bogey at 18.

All things considered it was a relatively quiet day, more about players having a bad day than anyone player standing out as having a good day. Phil shot a 1 under par to put himself into position and Tiger shot a 2 under par to move up a little.

Round 4 started as soon as possible after round 3 was completed and the weather forecast has called for the rain to diminish for the Monday finish. As of this writing some of the players have finished round 4 and the leaders have made the turn. Ricky Barnes is having a rough day today so far but he still has a lot of golf left so he could yet turn it back around. Lucas Glover is the current leader; Phil has moved into T2 with Mahan and Barnes and is 2 shots back. Tiger has moved into the T7 slot but only has a couple holes left to play.

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