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Obama Aunt Illegal Alien

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

The AP (remarkably) is reporting that Obama’s aunt in Boston has been an illegal alien for at least four years.

She has also illegally contributed money to the Obama campaign.

Story here.

Is Obama, the lawyer, complicit?  We believe he is.  What’s the penalty for that?  Who is going to arrest him?

The Billion Dollar Man

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Obama has raised nearly a billion dollars in campaign contributions.  Unprecedented to be sure; However, where is all this money coming from?

People who have never given to a politician ever are suddenly finding charges to their credit cards of $2,300.00 to the Obama campaign.

The Federal Election Commission has identified “small donors” to Obama’s campaign with names like  “Good Will” who listed his employer as “Loving” and his occupation as “You”.

Another “small donor” listed their name as “Doodad Pro” of Nunda, N.Y., who gave at least $17,130 in small increments.

I’ll bet that half of his money is fraudulant.  And that is an incredibly sad thing.

A Newsmax article states in part: “A Newsmax analysis of the Obama campaign’s campaign finance disclosures found 60,000 donations in unrounded amounts that fundraising experts said clearly suggested were “foreign currency transactions” translated into U.S. dollars.”

Which Obama Supporters Are Guilty? (Ohio Democrats Delivering the State to Obama)

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

*Edited on 28/10/08 to add that at least one Obama supporter is guilty.  The Ohio Director of Child Support Enforcement, Helen Jones-Kelley, a Democrat who has maxed out ($2,300.00) in contributions to Obama, authorized her department to use their computers to dig up dirt on Joe Wurzelbacher.  Story here.*

An article from The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch reports that an investigation is underway over illelgal access to government computers looking for information on Joe Wurzelbacher.  They will no doubt drag the investigation out until after the election so it won’t look bad for Obama.

From the article:  “It has not been determined who checked on Wurzelbacher, or why. Direct access to driver’s license and vehicle registration information from BMV computers is restricted to legitimate law enforcement and government business.”

It really is hard for me to comprehend why so many people would work so hard to destroy someone.  Joe Wurzelbacher should be held up as an American HERO.  Instead, it’s the Ivy League educated lawyer who they hold up as the hero and Joe is pilloried.

That doesn’t happen in my America.  In my America Joe is the hero and the corrupt politician is the criminal.

Is This Legal?

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

Is it legal for a political appointee to campaign for his boss? The Talking Points Memo pondered upon the same question on December 7th 07, involving New Mexico Governor Richardson using state employees to campaign for him. Vetsburg news release follows:

Vetsburg News Release

For Immediate Release

Media Contact: Rev Larry D Fagre



New Mexico Veterans Affairs Secretary Campaigns For Richardson


JOHNSON CITY– In this Official Campaign YouTube Video , which is also displayed prominently on the home page of the Richardson campaign website, John Garcia purports to speak for every Veteran in the country when he states: “On behalf of the Veterans of my state and the Veterans of this country, we need to elect somebody that understands the needs of Veterans and families. So please, with that, help me welcome a great Governor of the state of New Mexico, and a gentleman who will be President of this country, Mr. Bill Richardson.”

Richardson then goes on to sing the praises of the VA while simultaneously stating that the VA isn’t equipped to handle the needs of the 60,000 that he claims. Imagine then why it is that the VA constantly claims to be ready to handle the needs of all returning OIF/OEF Veterans.

Every time I hear a politician, or anyone else who has no real knowledge about the topic, say that the VA is (good, great, wonderful, caring, efficient, effective, or any other positive adjective) I cringe. It is very unfortunate that the Governor has advisors who are feeding him bad information that he repeats as fact.

One example, in this video, is that he states that there are 60,000 people coming back from this war that will need care. That number is about three years old. Today, the number of people coming back from this war that will need treatment, many for 50+ years, is well over one hundred thousand.

The VA has consistently and unwaveringly taken a head in sand + vitriolic denial approach to the problem which means that way too many of my brave Brothers and Sisters will not get the help they so desperately need and we will see the War Veterans suicide rate climb above the 120 a week number that we are currently experiencing. But, that’s good for the Government, because it is a lot less expensive to bury a Hero than it is to take care of one.

There is a very easy tell that can quickly determine whether someone who claims to be a Veterans Advocate is, in fact, an advocate or another talking head. Check to see if they prominently display pictures of themselves with high ranking government bureaucrats and politicians, or if they have prominently displayed pictures of them doing something that actually helps Veterans. Something like visiting the tent of a Homeless Veteran living under a bridge.

In this official website of the state of New Mexico, there is an extraordinary amount of information and news releases about the National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs, NASDVA, which Garcia is the President of. There are also many of those pictures of Garcia hobnobbing with the goober smoochers including former VA Secretary Nicholson.

Vetsburg would love to have the money that it cost the taxpayers to provide an all expense paid vacation to Washington to a bunch of bureaucrats. Which, according to the NASDVA Form 990 (you might have to register with to get the file) is about 50,000 dollars. We could build permanent, as in the kind of permanent that means a long time, housing for five homeless War Veterans with that money.

The 990 also states that Garcia spends 16 hours a week in his role as President. Who is paying for that time, and do the people paying for it, know that they are paying for it? That sounds rhetorical, it probably is. We think we know the answer.