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House Veterans Affairs Hearing

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Update:  13 December 2007As a result of that CBS story down there, the House Veterans Affairs committee held a hearing yesterday.  The title of the hearing was:

Stopping Suicides: Mental Health Challenges Within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

One of the witnesses at the hearing was Ira Katz.  He is the VA’s senior bureaucrat in charge of suicide prevention.  Among the other lies that he told the hearing was that “We have a major suicide prevention program, the most comprehensive in the nation.” Isn’t it illegal to lie to Congress?  Do you think that he will be prosecuted for lying to Congress?  I talked to a staffer at the committee this morning.  I didn’t get the sense that Katz should be consulting with Scooter.  Shame that.

Other witnesses at the hearing included Kim and Mike Bowman.  Their testimony elicited a standing ovation.  Ira Katz didn’t get a standing ovation.  I had the pleasure of getting to know Admiral Douglas Katz when he was the CO of the Battleship New Jersey.  He used to end messages with the acronym “WETSU”.  I strongly believe that Katz is the only thing these two people have in common.

Here is the link to the 1:36 story CBS did in the Evening News.

VA Psychologist Files Complaint with Florida Board

Monday, December 10th, 2007

This press release was issued by the VA on 11/28/07:

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has awarded a contract worth $39 million to a Cleveland firm to upgrade the electrical systems at the Department’s Tampa hospital.

“This project will help ensure the James A. Haley VA Medical Center provides the highest quality of patient care and services to veterans in central Florida,” said Acting Secretary of Veterans Affairs Gordon H. Mansfield.  “The contract will upgrade normal, emergency and standby electrical distribution systems and can provide 100 percent campus generator backup for four consecutive days.

LDV-Doan/Pyramid of Cleveland received the contract for the 327-bed tertiary care teaching hospital, with 180 authorized nursing home care beds.”


On December 4th, the St. Petersburg Times ran an article about a psychologist at that same VA filing a complaint with the Florida Board of Psychology:  Article here

Regional VA spokesman John Pickens (read Public Affairs VA propaganda expert) stated that “only 9” of the psychologists are unlicensed instead of the 12 listed in the complaint.

Only 9 are unlicensed so it’s all OK. Oh, and by the way, if you need a bullet for the gun you’re going to use to blow your fucking brains out, go see John Pickens.  He keeps one in his shirt pocket just for you.

If you can’t find John Pickens, try James Peake or Gordon Mansfield.  They carry spares.  Don’t go to the suicide prevention coordinator at the Tampa VAMC though because she isn’t licensed either.

How many Veterans have to die before these VA criminals are held accountable?  How many Veterans suicides will it take to wake the country up to the malpractice that is rampant and unchecked in the VA system?

When will politicians like Senator Akaka wake up to the realization that they are culpable in the deaths of thousands of Veterans?  

How about the collective “we” raise the same kind of stink that was brought on by the Walter Reed Scandal every day.  Day after day after day.  Until  the politicians finally get it.

And, O by the Way, the electrical system will be upgraded soon. 

Edited to add: Dr. Nussbaum is now considered by the Career Bureaucrats as a “Whistle Blower”.  Not to worry though because there is a professional coalition just for VA whistle blowers.

I Wonder…

Monday, November 26th, 2007

…How many of my brothers and sisters in arms have checked out today.